Can parenting really be this simple?

What is a perfEct parent?

One who allows for the range of being human…and is still an amazing parent!

We love our kids and desperately want to get this right—we want to be good parents. Yet we go to sleep with guilt, wishing today went differently, pledging to do better tomorrow.

Next time I will not react. I will not say those hurtful words. I will not yell. Why is this parenting thing so hard?

We’re all faulty parents. Imperfect. No one is great all the time. We fail. And, it is all still okay.When your resources and reserves are tapped, how can you be a good parent? You can’t. Bad parenting happens when you run out of options.

Until now. The fact is, you DO have choices. And, tomorrow WILL be different.

After 20 years of coaching parents, this simple philosophy emerged. It frees us to be an imperfect, perfEct parent in any situation. In Stay Away from Option D, you’ll learn how to bring peace to your home, and to you, quicker than you ever thought possible. And, it is so simple. Raising kids is complicated, right? So, the answers need to be easy. Easy to access, easy to find the words for, easy to remember, easy to get back to, and easy to forgive. A,B,C,D. Four options ranging from the best and healthiest to the really harmful option we tend to regret on our pillows at night. A through C all work.

Just Stay Away from Option D and You Will Be a PerfEct Parent.