Redirecting Children’s Behavior Course 

Currently, all classes are VIRTUAL!

Five weekly classes are held for a total of 15 hours of instruction. The three hour sessions include lecture, large and small group discussions, and role plays. The variety of instruction makes the material more applicable when attempted at home-you will see it, you will hear it and you might even DO it! Successes and challenges are shared in a warm, supportive environment.

Session 1

  • How to stop fights using action, not words
  • Understanding the child’s personality
  • Uncover the impact of birth order
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Reducing sibling rivalry and competition
  • Developing healthy self-concepts
  • Promoting cooperation and helpfulness
  • Understanding the needs that every child has


Session 2

  • Develop an effective parenting style
  • Teaching self-motivation and self-management
  • Building high self-esteem
  • Learn how to effectively set limits that children respect
  • Learn strategies to encourage cooperation


Session 3

  • Minimize power struggles
  • What to do when a child is hurtful
  • Intervention and corrective measures that work
  • What to do when a child demands attention
  • How to diagnose revenge and remedy its effects


Session 4

  • Improving self-concepts
  • How to get results without punishing
  • Using natural and logical consequences
  • How to handle and express feelings
  • Punishment and reward vs. “Redirecting”
  • Conflict resolution where the child is invested
  • Learn an effective alternative to “time outs”
  • Establish a format for a family meeting


Session 5

  • “Redirecting” in the family
  • Promoting agreement for couples
  • Working together as parents
  • Keeping a good thing going
  • Effective family communication



During this process NO field is required. If the information doesn’t apply to your family just move on to the next question. The course fees are as follows: $350 per individual, or $595 per couple.

Graduates of the RCB course are invited to retake the course for $200. Please fill out contact info portion to register and proceed to the payment section below. Thank you.

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