7 Mini Courses

Power Struggles

You will learn how to meet your child’s 5 needs, recognize power struggles, 11 ways to get out of a power struggle, and 11 ways to prevent them.  Also, there is  ONE necessary “step” that’s required at the start of a struggle in order to keep the situation from getting worse!

Handling Sibling Rivalry

In this video course you’ll learn why kids fight,  the 5 needs of a child, why conflict between siblings can lead to useful skills when handled properly, and how we unknowingly promote competition among our children.

Setting Limits

In this video course you will learn how to confidently set limits with your children by simply adding two steps to what you are already doing.

This 3-step process has been written on parents’ palms in the past while they implement it! 

Handling Children’s Feelings

Children are transparent with their feelings if we know the signs to interpret.

Discover why feelings are neither right nor wrong and why the majority of us have never heard this before!  Even many adults have never heard this message about feelings!

Consequences That Work

In this video course we discuss the 5 needs we all have, various kinds of choices, GEMS, how to be firm and kind AT THE SAME TIME, handling feelings appropriately, self-quieting vs. time-out, natural and logical consequences.

Balancing Love & Discipline

In this video course you’ll learn how important discipline is to your child. And, how different it is than punishment. You’ll also learn the two necessary ingredients for your child to feel loved AND capable.

When Your Kids Drive You Crazy

In this video course you will learn how to go about controlling your emotions when things get tough around you in this parenting journey that we all share!

I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.

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