Step 1: Schedule Your Session

The personal virtual session is a 55 minute personal interaction with Michelle that is offered to give you clarity on areas where you intend to grow in your parenting journey with your child(ren).

(Note: If you are local to Indianapolis, this can be an in-person meeting)

During the session, we’ll explore and discover the challenges that you are coming up against with your children and discuss how to overcome them so you are creating a loving, “win-win” environment in your home.

We’ll also find out if we are a good fit for continuing to work together, and we’ll get a grasp on what coaching arrangement will best fit your family.

The first step is to click the the time that works best for you and book your session.  You will then enter payment method and receive a confirmation email.

The Personal Session is $180 per 1-hour session

I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.

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